Speed matters

Increasingly rapid model successions and a vastly extended model range over the last few years has forced the entire automobile industry meet considerably shorter development times.

High speed and flexibility are also required in the production, since car manufacturing today is becoming more and more a build-to-order process. Highly variable production, however, also is not without risk for those carrying only minimal stock levels: If the supply chain is broken, this can lead to a production standstill – everything depends on smooth-running logistics processes.

Since all production processes – including the flow of information that accompanies them – have to function across the whole company, data handling poses one of the biggest challenges to the industry. This also includes configuration management of the different software versions for automotive components.

A further problem area: Field failures. They plague the automotive industry and have a large impact on the make’s image. The biggest problem here is in the area of electrics/electronics. Manufacturers must therefore turn their attention to innovations that can help reduce the number of field failures.

Secure a long-term competitive edge

Master Technological Complexities. IBS QMS installations support the automotive industry in the product development phase and provide comprehensive software tools for development tasks such as FMEA or APQP. In addition, IBS QMS solutions also support a concerted development process with the suppliers by providing a high-performance platform and standardized data interfaces.

All Production Data at a Glance. IBS QMS solutions enable fully automated documentation of business transactions and the production process and provide comprehensive reports using all production-related data.

Standards Ensure Openness and Flexibility. IBS QMS solutions support the XML-Standard QDX (Quality Data Exchange) and can therefore exchange all quality-relevant data such as complaints and 8D reports with business partners. We were involved in the development of these standards.

Comprehensive Configuration Management. Thanks to the open, web-based solutions, software compatibility management in After Sales is quick to implement. Precisely defined and approved configurations make it possible to identify which components may be assembled in a vehicle using the respective software versions.

Key Benefits of IBS QMS software solutions

A powerful system. In order to grow with the challenges of the automotive industry, manufacturers need IT solutions that provide optimum production support. IBS QMS software solutions enable comprehensive cross-company management of development, production and after sales information, mapping and supporting the complete process chain right up to quality management.

Growing challenges. IBS QMS offers a solution for each of the challenges faced by the automotive industry – from FMEA analysis software to audit tools and MES systems to Concern and Complaint Management solutions, as well as Configuration Management.

Based on standard components. IBS QMS software provides a direct interface with SAP and supports all commercially available databases, such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.



Made-to-Measure Automotive Solutions

Globalisation, greater model differentiation, new vehicle and production concepts and at the same time smaller quantities per model – these are all hallmarks of today’s automotive market. For car manufacturers worldwide, this means having to continually reduce efforts and cut costs – crucial factors in a market earmarked by intensive global competition and strong segmentation. Short development and reaction times are the deciding factors in the success and competitiveness of car manufacturers today. Without innovative and powerful IT technologies these aims would be simply unattainable.

With IBS QMS Automotive, we offer the car manufacturing industry a system for integrated quality assurance that ensures the ability to act and adhere to schedules, as well as promoting production stability and shorter production cycle times, from the carcass to the finishing touches.

From the planning of type-specific inspection orders to the actual inspection and allocation of results and the effective management of rework and evaluations, IBS QMS Automotive is a powerful information system that offers company-wide clarity of all production data, from the supplier to the dealer.

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