Coping with Increasing Requirements

The Challenges.

Immense cost pressure continues to earmark the automotive industry supply sector. This is first and foremost due to the aggressive price policy of the OEMs and new market players from India, China and Eastern Europe are also contributing to this pressure.

At the same time, the quality and productivity requirements expected by the customer are increasingly demanding: If product quality begins to suffer or the logistics chain is broken, the suppliers have to reckon with harsh consequences. Legal requirements also increase liability risks.

Increasingly shorter development times put suppliers under permanent pressure of innovation, while at the same time, product complexity continues to increase and variety expands.


The Solution.

With continuous Process Optimization the supplier industry can achieve its rationalization and cost-saving potentials and absorb cost pressure. This urgently requires continuous quality improvements: Suppliers must be able to analyze their production processes step-by-step, quickly recognize defects and eliminate the causes. A prerequisite here: production process documentation must be consistent and not only comply with legal guidelines but also with the requirements of the OEMs. In this way complaint costs and liability risks can be kept to a minimum.

Enjoy commercial success with IBS QMS solutions

Coping with such challenges is just what IBS QMS integrated solutions are designed to do: All production and quality data involved in the process are continuously and comprehensively recorded. The user can analyze the data quickly and comprehensively, compiling the information as a report. This ensures that occurring process defects are quickly identified so that the customer can intervene with corrective action.

Should a complaint arise, IBS QMS’s software solutions make it possible to trace the entire process both clearly and completely and contain the defect impact effectively (traceability).


Key Benefits of IBS QMS software solutions

Industry experts. IBS QMS stands for functionally superior software solutions for suppliers to the automotive industry. IBS QMS employees and partners are proud to possess all the necessary competences, built up from years of experience in the industry.

Functionally superior. The solutions are optimised for our customers’ business processes. The modular construction of the software combines all relevant production steps, from product conception (NPD), to quality assurance (CAQ), and from production control (MES) to version management and traceability options.

Based on standard components. IBS QMS software provides a direct interface with SAP and supports all commercially available databases, such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.


Optimisation of all Production Processes

Being able to supply the right products at the right time, at the right price and last but not least, of the right quality, is paramount to the success of suppliers to the automotive industry.

Intensive customer relations characterised by sustainable attractive prices, short reaction times, above all in complaint management and flexible delivery capacities all give that competitive edge.

Process optimisation is the key to meeting the challenges of the market and achieving rationalisation and cost-saving potentials. We have a wealth of expertise when it comes to production processes, in particular when it comes to suppliers to the automotive industry. We are well acquainted with all automotive industry supplier and OEM processes. Based on an innovative framework and Web technology, our solutions support a cross-company information exchange and the complete documentation of all production events.

IBS QMS solutions are vital components for process control, monitoring and optimisation, to ensure long-term commercial success. We have proved our competence time and time again in numerous projects with suppliers to the automotive industry.

This is why many manufacturers successfully implemented IBS QMS solutions years ago and been using them ever since.

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