Customer-Orientation ensures survival

100 per cent quality – a constant challenge for innovation, along with an immediate reaction in case of flaw or fault distinguish the consumer and branded goods manufacturers.

These are just the challenges faced by European companies. In addition comes the pressure from outside Europe: Market growth can currently be found in almost exclusively foreign countries, such as Asia. Manufacturers of consumer and branded goods also have to deal with the problem of product piracy, since today’s branded goods are imitated on a grand scale and sold internationally.

Innovations and difficult-to-imitate product components are the order of the day, yet at the same time, these generate even higher costs. When faced with the hard-as-nails negotiations with the larger chain stores, it is these costs that again hit the profit margins. Additional services are often a useful countermeasure in this price war.


IBS QMS solutions form the backbone of your company

Keep all processes under control. IBS QMS software systems are vital in providing optimal control of all company production processes and creating cost clarity. IBS QMS software covers the complete process chain: from the product development to the production and testing.

IBS QMS software for maximum flexibility. In order for today’s manufacturer of consumer or branded goods to be able to react flexibly to market requirements he must be able to offer and administrate a much greater variety. Customer demands for greater flexibility can also mean smaller lot sizes for the manufacturer, as well as greater efforts. IBS QMS software offers trouble-free management of these aspects. Using such solutions, it is possible to increase not only product quality, but also first and foremost reach full capacity and monitor the production area optimally while at the same time reducing costs.


Key Benefits of IBS QMS software solutions

Complete documentation enables planning with foresight. IBS QMS software solutions offer planning, monitoring and reporting with a single system, allowing the user to work with the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness. Since IBS QMS software enables the full mapping of all work, information and material processes within a company’s production process, this allows companies to plan with flexibility, make rapid changes and ultimately achieve a permanent improvement in the quality of their own work.

Data consistency optimises production. IBS QMS solutions are based on standards and work site-independently. All data acquired in the production process is accessible via a consolidated platform.


Optimise Production Processes

All types of manufacturing industry place the onus on the continuous optimisation of production processes and the reduction of production and quality costs.

The ability to map all sub-processes, regardless of whether internal or external, is absolutely paramount. Product liability laws compel manufacturers to provide all kinds of warranty and product liability guarantees.

The complete traceability of all materials, the production and quality data for all products, as well as batches and base materials is therefore vital.

This requires cross-company production and quality management solutions that can provide up-to-the-minute information on the production processes, order transactions and product quality.

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