Rapid change

Macroeconomic Pressure is Growing. The electronics industry is one of the sectors most rapidly affected by change: The technologies it uses are becoming increasingly complex while innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Furthermore, the globalization of the western industrial countries is not without strain and competition from the entry of countries such as China and India onto the market is toughening. In addition, raw material prices are continually on the increase. The concepts of outsourcing and long-term consolidation in production are causing additional unrest in the electronics industry.

Greater Sophistication and Shorter Life Cycles. In addition to these macroeconomic parameters, the electronics industry also has to battle with quality problems and organizational difficulties. Electrical and electronic components have a high failure rate, which demands conceptual modifications in development processes and calls for technical innovations. This problem is further aggravated by the complexity of the version and compatibility management of the soft- and hardware used. Some customer-sector products have a product life cycle of less than one year.


Secure Documentation and Quality with IBS QMS

Manage Immense Volumes of Data. In today’s electronics industry, manufacturing processes are fully automated and run at the highest speeds. Since the industry is required to keep precise documentation of the assembly process for individual components to the final assembly, it is vital that all production steps and related data are recorded. IBS QMS software offers fully-automated capture and management of this data in its entirety.

Central Infrastructure for Global Players. IBS QMS solutions offer site-independent implementation, thus fulfilling the requirements of globally-active companies. This involves fully automated saving of all production-related data, which is made available to the whole company for reports and analyses.


Key Benefits of IBS QMS software

IBS QMS enables bi-directional traceability. The precise documentation of all parts built into electronic components, as well as the software used, enables manufacturers to achieve complete traceability for all components. IBS QMS solutions enable not only this, but also the use of state-of-the-art technologies. IBS QMS is one of the first companies on the market to use innovative RFID-based identification technologies.

Optimal production planning. Full capacity production planning is absolutely necessary to enable the profitable operation of capital-intensive plants such as clean rooms. Our production management software enables optimal planning and use of production resources and the quality management module enables corrective intervention in the various production processes.

Zero tolerance for defects. Software in electronic components is subject to rapid change. Determining which software has been installed in which components, and in which version is no mean feat. IBS QMS offers a solution to manage this complex task, considerably reducing defect rates and the undesirable side effects.



Optimising Production-Related Processes

In the electronics industry, the onus is upon the continuous optimisation of production processes and the reduction of production and quality costs.

This requires cross-company production and quality management solutions that can provide up-to-the-minute information on the production processes, order transactions and product quality.

The ability to map all sub-processes, regardless of whether internal or external, is absolutely paramount. Product liability laws compel manufacturers to provide all kinds of warranty and product liability guarantees. The complete traceability of all materials, the production and quality data for all products, as well as batches and base materials is therefore vital.

Further information can be found in our product brochures, which can be found in the downloads section.

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