Competition in Mechanical Engineering is toughening

In principle, mechanical engineering, one of Germany’s major industries, can’t complain: Its companies are recording large numbers of incoming orders and can generally boast a high degree of utilization.

Yet all that glitters is not gold: Overseas demand is very much dependent on US Dollar and oil prices. In addition to the customers bad payment morale, with which the industry has always had to cope, there are new challenges such as competition from new suppliers, primarily from Chinese companies, which are pushing their way onto the world market.

Furthermore, the mechanical engineering industry of today has to conform to strict regulations concerning the documentation of errors on the production line, as well as fulfilling increased product liability requirements and complying with tighter plant safety regulations.


IBS QMS – Comprehensive Solutions Ensure Quality

Organize Company Processes more Effectively with IBS QMS. Toughening competition forces mechanical engineering companies to continually improve their company processes, for which integrated IT solutions are a vital component. IBS QMS software solutions cover all of these areas – from the product development to the production phase and even the maintenance and repair. Furthermore, IBS QMS software makes it possible to carry out accompanying, detailed analyses and quality assurance measures.

Tried-and-Tested Software for Greater Profitability. The success of many mechanical engineering companies can be attributed to them keeping a close eye on their costs. In order to do so, the costs must be analyzed over the complete lifecycle and comprehensive profitability studies developed. Such detailed analyses require software solutions that can be linked directly to machine level to supply all relevant data.


Key Benefits of IBS QMS software solutions

Extensive solutions portfolio. IBS QMS offers a solution to every challenge faced by the mechanical engineering industry – thanks to decades of experience in the sector. Every customer can depend on the solutions being compatible with all standard software platforms, databases and business software. This ensures short implementation times, investment security and keeps administration and maintenance costs low.

Consolidated data storage means clarity. The solutions are location-independent: The software sends all production data to a homogenous standard platform, enabling the user to carry out long-term time series analyses and identify defect causes in the process chain.


Greater Clarity for Plants and Machines

Today’s mechanical engineering industry has to fulfil strict regulations regarding the documentation of breaches of plant reliability and at the same time comply with increasing product liability constraints.

Continual optimisation of the production processes is the order of the day, as well as the reduction of production and quality costs.

This requires cross-company production and quality management solutions that can provide up-to-the-minute information on the production processes, order transactions and product quality.

The ability to map all sub-processes, regardless of whether internal or external, is absolutely paramount. Product liability laws compel manufacturers to provide all kinds of warranty and product liability guarantees.

The complete traceability of all materials, the production and quality data for all products, as well as batches and base materials is therefore vital.

Further information can be found in our product brochures, which can be found in the downloads section.

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