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Ever faster model changes and greatly expanded model range: The entire automotive industry must deal with increasingly shorter development times.

Globalization, steadily increasing model differentiation, new vehicle and production concepts and shorter production runs per model are the key features dominating today’s automobile market. For automotive OEMs around the world, this means that expenses need to be trimmed and costs must be reduced effectively – decisive measures in a market characterized by intense global competition and high levels of segmentation. Short development cycles and response times have been given top priority in the drive for success and competitiveness amongst automotive OEMs. But these goals are extremely difficult to achieve without innovative, high performance IT technologies.


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Reduction of
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Analysing weak spots, Best-practice solutions

Shorter time to market without sacrificing quality: With IBS-QMS.

This is why we have developed IBS QMS Automotive – a system for integrated quality assurance in automobile construction that covers the entire process from the body shell to the finished product, protecting running capacity, punctuality, stability and reduced processing times throughout the production process.

From the planning of model-specific inspection orders to inspections and results transfer, right through to effective reworking control and evaluation, IBS QMS Automotive is a powerful information system that brings transparency to the full range of production data from the supplier to the dealer.

Optimize your production, thanks to a digital twin,

Its individual components can be used individually, directly and individually in different versions

Insert and test – along the entire development

IBS-QMS: Holistic Quality Management

  • Master technical complexities
  • All production data at a glance
  • Standards enable openess and flexibility
  • Complete management of configurations

32 years of experience for your business success

We have learned with our customers and with over 30 years of market experience in both cross-industry and industry-specific best practice solutions we can help you master all your current problems.

We offer ONE integrated solution for the issues of production, quality, traceability and compliance
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