Why Choose QMS Automotive?

  • Complies with all major standards such as QS 9000, VDA 6.1, ITAF 16949:2016, AIAG
  • Supports the zero-defect strategy
  • Electronic vehicle job card
  • Efficient rework management
  • Location management Dynamic creation of vehicle-specific inspection orders
  • Traceability – precise localization of defective products
  • Direct impact on the quality situation of products in production control
  • Reduction of warranty costs and faster complaint processing
  • Investment protection through application of advanced technologies and high integration capability
  • Mobile acquisition of quality data
  • Data-Warehouse
  • Prevention of multiple inspections and tightening of the inspection process
  • Determination of business ratios for process optimization

IBS QMS From Body Shop to Finish


The IBS QMS system delivers real-time information and enables OEM´s to act flexibly and quickly. QMS Automotive provides visibility into quality data across all product phases (development / manufacture / proving). And in addition throughout all areas and plants (from the press shop through to the body shell and the finish) and from the supplier to the dealer.


IBS QMS Solutions Have A Return-On-Invest Of 9 Months

Deficiencies in business processes cause increased quality expenditures. By using the efficient quality management solution for the automotive industry OEMs can considerably reduce these costs – along all phases of the manufacturing process.


Optimizations with QMS Automotive:

  • Reduction of extraordinary quality expenditures during the start-up of new products
  • Shortening of the product start-up phase through quicker achievement of target quality
  • Reduction of rework and inspection costs
  • Reduction of capital commitment costs for pilot products
  • Reduction of warranty and obligingness costs
  • Reduction of recall costs for faulty products
  • Increase of customer satisfaction
  • Strengthening of the brand and company image

Pay off period of a quality management system

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