Facilitating the efficient management and control of documents

Effective document control is the core of any compliance program. The IBS QMS software CompliantPro™ Document Control provides a flexible framework for the creation, modification, approval, release and archive of all compliance and quality documentation relating to the conformance with relations and standards.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Web-based system enables access to all relevant documentation at any time and from anywhere
  • Full documentation of your processes with change history and Audit Trail
  • Meets requirements in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, in particular those relating to electronic data records and second password
  • Specific task control, thanks to automated workflows.
  • Linkage and integration of other relevant documents
  • Integration of graphics, pictures, flow charts etc. (rich text formats)
  • Enhanced search functions
  • Efficient change management with process reliability
  • Integrated workflows support the processing, inspection, release, distribution, modification and suspension of your documents, enabling the achievement of a fully automatic and controlled procedure
  • Standardized approval processes can be defined on multiple levels and in various segments (parallel/serial)
  • E-mail notifications and reminders can be set for various activities
  • Older versions are automatically archived. Users only see the latest version of each document
  • High degree of reliability / scalability thanks to role concept
  • Document Control is integrated in other CompliantPro™ components, such as CAPA, Change Management, Audits, Risk Management, etc
  • Defined document types and template masks
  • Classification / structuring of documents
  • Flexible numbering (automatic, manual)
  • Status administration, version management
  • Revision management
  • Change management / integrated change requests
  • History administration
  • Escalation mechanisms, deputy rules
  • Export of search results / lists in MS Excel
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