Effectively protecting resources, controlling hazardous waste and adhering to environmental regulations

In our environmentally-aware society a sustainable environmental management system serves not only for internal safety but also shows responsibility awareness, strengthens the company’s public image, creates competitive advantages and has a positive influence on corporate accounts.

Our customers profit from long-term successes, such as improved occupational safety, greater productivity and lower compliance costs.
Period documentation and monitoring of environmental risks considerably increases the level of legal security. It is effective in helping offset liability and penal risks, thus ensuring the sustainability of the company.

Benefits at a glance

  • Creation and administration of environmental regulations, work, emergency and safety instructions, hazard assessment, action plans etc.
  • Assessment and analysis of environmental impacts
  • Determination and realization of environmental targets
  • Monitoring of environmental controls
  • Electronic administration of training documentation and certificate renewals
  • Compliance check for detailed environmental processes
  • Determination of causes in environmental incidents
  • Creation of preventative actions
  • Escalation of overdue responsibilities
  • Access and data security
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