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The food and beverage industry is feeling the pressure of new food safety and compliance regulations, and must demonstrate their commitment to the highest level of food quality possible. The FDA has recently set forth new standards and initiatives to make the process of food production safer – one example of which is the Safe Quality Food (SQF) initiative, which an increasing amount of food retailers are requiring that their suppliers adhere to.

The IBS Food and Beverage Control Software Solution is a robust compliance software package that guides you through all of the current and new compliance standards, including HACCP, ISO 22000, SQF, BRC, and IFS. Use this Food and Beverage Control system for reporting, investigating and tracking actions which are created following any accident, incident or near miss.

You can also comply with Food & Beverage standard verification activities, such as review of HACCP plan for completedness, and sampling and testing to verify CCPs. With IBS America’s integration of CompliantPro and QSYS sophisticated quality management systems, we can help you streamline these procedures and processes, as well as assist your organization’s FSMS achieve and maintain food safety compliance.

With IBS Food and Beverage Control Software, you can:

  • Utilize a systematic approach and a methodology for reporting and investigating all accidents, incidents and near misses: every new incident report generates an investigation.
  • Ensure that every accident, incident or near miss is investigated to a high standard.
  • Automatically email those who need to be informed: for lost time, an email notification can be sent to appropriate management. This can be set up in the software rules, and therefore eliminates the need for someone to remember to notify senior management.
  • Ensure that all the mandatory fields are filled in: won’t allow a document to be saved unless the fields are completed.
  • Ensure traceability throughout the investigation which links to any follow up actions.
  • Utilize auto-escalation to senior management for overdue actions.
  • Store all relevant documentation, photographs, etc. in one secure location which may be required to successfully defend a claim.
  • Display the document to only those who have authorization to view it, depending upon data confidentiality: can be restricted when includes doctor’s letters, statements, etc.
  • Helps record all the critical information and validation activities required to defend an insurance claim.
Problem: Solution:
Mixed paper and LAN based management
  • Real-time, web based document control
No support for collaboration
  • Global visibility and universal access enables collaboration across all operating units
Inflexible: difficult for business to adapt to new requirements
  • Highly adaptable to new HACCP system and CCP requirements without heavy IT involvement
Complex and inefficient approaches
  • Central repository and consistent user experience simplifies day-to-day operations by quality managers
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