Effectively protecting resources, controlling hazardous waste and adhering to environmental regulations

When companies make workplace safety a priority, they do more than minimize legal and regulatory risks. They promote a safe, positive workplace, helping them attract and retain quality employees. Occupational, health and safety issues can have a tremendous impact on company reputation and workplace productivity – yet many companies fail to invest time and resources into managing these issues.

With IBS Occupational, Health and Safety Software, you can create the complete OH&S system. Plus, the software enables compliance with OHSAS 18001, BS8800, and ANSI/AIHA Z10-2005.

With IBS Occupational, Health and Safety Software, you can:

  • Create and maintain OH&S policies, procedures, emergency procedures, MSDS and HAZMAT documents, response plans and drills
  • Plan for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
  • Create and track OH&S objectives
  • Report and analyze OH&S accidents, incidents, near misses and industrial illnesses
  • Keep track of regulations and permits with automatic reminders of pending renewal requirements
  • Monitor risk controls
  • Sharpen emergency preparedness and response
  • Track employee training requirements including recurring certification requirements
  • Assess conformance to documented occupational health and safety processes
  • Determine the root cause of OH&S incidents to prevent recurrence
  • Escalate missed deadlines to responsible management
  • Provide secure access to sensitive documents

Our Occupational, Health & Safety solution is an integrated part of our enterprise compliance management software.

 Companies failed to keep up-to-date documentation for OH&S policies and procedures.
Resulted In:
Because the effectiveness of workplace standards was rarely assessed, policies were never updated to reflect changes in the workplace or to address hazards.
Policies and procedures were kept in a decentralized location, making it difficult for employees to access and review.
  • Current company policies, procedures, MSDS data sheets and HAZMATs are accessible by all employees.
  • Users perform regular assessments of their policies, and make updates to reflect findings.
  • All employees are informed about changes.

Companies kept emergency procedures on file, but employees were not properly trained and drilled in these procedures.
Resulted In:

When incidents occurred, inconsistencies could lead to inappropriate responses.





  • IBS health and safety software makes it easy to schedule training sessions and drills.
  • The looming threat of internal audits and management reviews ensures that personnel adhere to OH&S procedures.
  • Workplace response to emergencies is prompt, consistent, and thorough.
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