Supplier Management Software

In today’s competitive marketplace, outsourcing has become an effective way to keep pace with rapidly advancing technologies and increasing pressure to trim time-to-market. But it also presents significant regulatory challenges, as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must monitor and control supplier performance in order to maintain compliance and ensure product quality.

IBS Supplier Management Software helps you drive superior supplier quality, while maintaining compliance with standards like ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 13485, and 21 CFR Part 820.

With IBS Supplier Management Software, you can:

  • Build profiles for all your suppliers, and keep them updated with relevant information
  • Import supplier data from your ERP system
  • Automatically schedule recurring meetings, assessments and evaluations for your suppliers, to automate supplier performance monitoring and reporting
  • Use pre-configured scoring checklists for supplier evaluations that allow you to classify suppliers along dimensions such as quality, financial stability and responsiveness
  • Create and track Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs) by supplier, status, source, product, problem codes, priority, and time in order to resolve issues quickly
  • Submit SCARs to suppliers electronically and allow them to respond securely online
  • Use the IBS pre-configured SCAR workflow or reconfigure the workflow to meet your specific company requirements
  • Escalate missed deadlines to responsible supervisors
  • Automatically route SCARs to appropriate parties for approval
  • Require secure electronic signatures with optional second password capability to meet the requirements of the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11
  • Choose from multiple options for securing document access based on individuals, groups or roles
  • Provide unalterable Supplier Corrective Action Request audit trails
  • Choose multilingual access to your supplier information

Our Supplier Management Solution is and ISO quality management system that is an integrated part of our enterprise compliance and quality management software, CompliantPro.

Problem: Solution:
Choosing suppliers was difficult because managers could not agree on criteria.

Resulted in: Reservations about trusting outside companies with creating product parts further complicated the decision.

  • Companies use the system to create supplier quality policies even before they choose a supplier, helping them narrow selection criteria.
  • The ISO quality management system helps them perform supplier audits and evaluations before signing a contract, so that they know they are hiring reliable suppliers with high quality standards.
Companies struggled to pinpoint the cause of quality problems and nonconformances.

Resulted in: Even when they suspected supplier error, there was rarely sufficient data to prove it.

  • The supplier management software enables regular supplier assessments and monitoring, so that OEMs can identify problems before they become nonconformances.
  • When quality issues do occur, they have a repository of supplier data to research, making it easy to identify and correct problems.
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