Supply Chain Benefits of an EQMS

Level 1 Processes

“The supply chain depends upon effective process management. An EQMS streamlines operations and simplifies metric management.” – Stephen Cummings, VP, IBS America, Inc.

Supply chain managers need to organize the enterprise along a logistical continuum. Enterprise Quality Management is both a pre-requisite for supply chain excellence as well as an intrinsic component of many supply chain best-practices. Contact an IBS consultant to discuss how IBS solutions drive supply chain improvement across a range of best practices.

How an EQMS supports the supply chain manager:

  • Automates key processes
  • Centralizes all the quality data concerning people, process, and products
  • Extracts more value from existing enterprise systems
  • Increases process efficiencies
  • Simplifies supply chain reporting and analytics


Why Invest in Quality Management Software?

IBS offers a proven software solution that helps supply chain managers, and those they depend on, to efficiently implement important supply chain best practices beyond those involving strictly quality matters, per se. These areas include management capabilities that:

  • Assess and reduce risk (with control management)
  • Address environmental issues and support sustainable business practices, including GreenSCOR
  • Organize training efforts and talent management
  • Manage Suppliers with evaluations and assessments
  • Streamline customer management and the warranty process
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