Streamlining employee training for effective compliance management

Rules are not normally broken by companies but the people that work within them. A standardized training programmed is therefore indispensable the creation of a sustainable culture of compliance.

The IBS QMS Personnel and Training Management solution comprises all necessary components for a company-wide training program. It ensures fulfillment of employee training needs and the aim if standardized realization of company processes.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Standardized personnel procedures with clear areas of responsibility
  • Data always electronically accessible
  • Integrated with Document Control
  • Fulfillment of compliance and ISO standards requirements
  • Definition of training measures for job profiles and allocation to employees
  • Personal employee files contain inter alia certificates of training and qualification
  • Organizing training sessions
  • Administration of participant registrations
  • Documentation and filing of training certification
  • Carrying out of tests
  • Assessment of employee achievements
  • Assessment of employee achievements
  • Special releases
  • Notifications
  • Integrated escalation mechanisms
  • Deputy rules
  • Confirmation of completed training
  • Status tracking
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