Planning quality with FMEA

The FMEA module (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) is used for the creation of various types of FMEA (system/product/process) using a systematic procedure in the areas of development/assembly and process engineering.

The combination of a product and a process FMEA into a hybrid FMEA enables the allocation of product and process characteristics, even at this early stage, in order to monitor the FMEA functions in terms of compliance.

At the same time, this forms the basis for the automatic acceptance and generation of the control plan for the creation of the process flow chart. The IBS solution enables the definition of system elements, their functions and failures and the creation of links for the verification of failure consequences and causes and to induce their corrective actions or identification. The solution is rounded off by a graphical visualization function, risk analysis and a comprehensive range of evaluations. The import and export of FMEA structures is effected via the MSR FMEA format (based on XML).

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