Achieve 30% higher productivity with MES MOM software PRISMA

Productivity continues to be the key parameter when describing the efficiency of future factories. The direct relation between both product and process development raises the level of complexity notably, making it increasingly difficult to identify development and process errors with any precision. Today’s control loops are no longer able to provide adequate answers so such questions. For the management, this means finding a balance between the necessary innovation with optimal use of resources, optimal quality and maximum productivity.

Today we offer a complete MES Software (Manufacturing Execution System) with IBS:prisma. An average increase in productivity of 30 % and a cost reduction of 10 % both prove that PRISMA can help achieve a clear competitive advantage.

In manufacturing industries, the themes traceability and build-to-order version management feature at the top of all success-oriented companies’ operative aims lists. By the mid-90’s, we had already started addressing these specific themes and today offers MOM/MES software IBS:prisma as a complete Manufacturing Execution System solutions portfolio. No matter from which angle the companies view the challenge – from a quality or production point of view – IBS:prisma solution will support you throughout the whole process, from system analysis and system definition to implementation. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers have already opted for IBS:prisma and in doing so have been able to optimise their production plants.

Components of an integrated MES system in accordance with VDI 5600

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) optimise production processes and create transparency, enabling real-time acquisition and the evaluation of all production data.MES software links the shop-floor level data with corporate-wide software systems such as ERP (e.g. SAP, PSI, Navision, proalpha …) or SCM systems.

Potential benefits include shorter production times, improved quality and lower costs. The plant transparency achieved (OEE/NEE) enables faster reactions and provides supports where important decisions must be made. The MES software sub-functions include Operational Data Acquisition (ODA), Order Data Acquisition (ODA), Production Data Acquisition and Machine Data Acquisition (MDA), as well as Production Fine Planning, Quality Management (QMS software), Maintenance and Resource Management. A fully integrated MES solution ensures an integrated architecture.

  • for vehicle manufacturing (car manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive suppliers)
  • for part and component manufacturing
  • for medical technology / medical product manufacturers
  • for the electronics industry / electrical industry (e.g. EMS / PCB)
  • in discrete and non-discrete manufacturing / production
  • in areas of parts manufacturing
  • as an optimal expansion to SAP (MES for SAP)

Uwe Kemmer, CeramTec GmbH – MES in medical device sector, MES Software


Our Aim: Satisfied Customers – A Case Study from the Medical Technology Industry

QMS Professional and PRISMA (MES) in the medical technology industry. The interaction between MES and quality management (IBS QMS) leads to increased productivity and optimal traceability at CeramTec GmbH. The Medical Technology Unit of CeramTec GmbH in Plochingen, has been manufacturing ceramic components for hip joints for over 30 years. The company has achieved a high degree of acceptance by doctors and endoprosthetics companies on the global market for the quality of its bioceramics and its pioneering achievements.

“The ability to document each and every production step – from raw materials suppliers to the end customer – is absolutely paramount to our survival. This way we can guarantee detecting any possible defective parts. Use of the IBS:traceability solution helps us in case of complaint and also in clarifying damage events on the market. We are now in a position to document – at any time – that we have manufactured in the way described.”

Uwe Kemmer, CeramTec GmbH

Productivity Enhancement – Based On Machine Data

Machine data acquisition – MDA – by PRISMA enables complete and visibility into machines and facilities on shop-floor level.

PRISMA MDA collects all relevant machine data during manufacturing processes. This allows for flexible and effective control and monitoring of manufacturing and process parameters and monitoring of machines and facilities.

The system documents manufacturing facilities based on nominal/actual comparison. You can view current machine status at any time.

In addition to administrative functions for the processing of production work, MDA allows for definition and assignment of further control parameters such as machine maintenance intervals.

  • Complete transparency of machine and facilities status
  • Real-time visibility into machine and installation conditions
  • Creation of failure statistics as a foundation for maintenance management
  • Quick introduction of corrective actions
  • Monitoring of machines and documentation of manufacturing processes
  • Ongoing traceability of products, parts and batches
  • Comprehensive evaluations of productive times, idle times, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Transparent Operational Data Allow For Efficient Planning (=Operational Data Acquisition / ODA)

Operational data acquisition by IBS:prisma is a high-performance standard software that easily adapts to your company’s environment. It helps you cope with today’s challenges in the manufacturing industry.The module provides visibility along the entire manufacturing process, from planning and logistics to order execution. Order and material flow tracking is based on runtime and batch information, process parameters, staff and output figures (good/poor/rework), downtimes and their causes.PPS systems provide for bi-directional data exchange with the ODA module. The high-quality and easy design of the worker menu offers optimized usability, especially with the use of touch screens. The operational data acquisition enables integration with the QMS Trace module, allowing for ongoing traceability along the entire manufacturing process (Traceability).

IBS QMS MES Production Data Acquisiton, MOM Software

  • Detailed visibility into all operational processes, resources and utilization ratios
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes and times
  • Cost reduction through continuous process improvements
  • Ongoing monitoring and documentation of running production
  • Ongoing traceability of products, components and batches
  • Cost reduction through targeted recalls of faulty products, parts and batches
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