Statistical Process Control (SPC)

All relevant inspections carried out within the manufacturing process of any product, are documented in the SPC inspection module. This applies not only to inspections carried out during the product development, such as maturity level analyses, but also to inspections monitored within the scope of statistical process control (SPC) by way of quality control chart.

IBS QMS:SPC Software, QMS Software

The inspections results acquisition is supported, inter alia, by the following functionalities:

  • Automatic generation of inspection orders for the acquisition of inspection results for prototypes (also maturity level analyses), pre-series and series (PCI or MCI)
  • Simple, individually-configurable acquisition masks
  • Control of inspection based depending on cpk values
  • Alternative acquisition via mobile data acquisition devices (handhelds)
  • Graphical acquisition with characteristic-related zoom sections of CAD drawings or photos/pictures for visual inspections
  • Inspection monitoring with control charts for variable and attribute characteristics and defect collection cards
  • Documentation of process violations (actions, causes), as a basis for internal defect handling/complaint management
  • Automatic generation of internal complaints
  • Acquisition and allocation of batches or serial number for track and trace (traceability)
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