Responsive system support is crucial to an organization’s confidence in any technology product. Our support services are focused on optimizing system performance and availability to ensure a reliable compliance management framework.  Call us with any questions or issues you are having with your Siemens PLM QMS System software application.   One of our Technical Support Analysts will record your issue and provide a solution as quickly as possible.


Support Hours:  Monday-Friday | 8:30AM – 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time


  1. Dial either 1-800-955-0000 U.S and  Outside the U.S. +1-714-952-5444
  2. Selection option #2
  3. Enter your Sold To ID followed by the # sign
  4. Select option 7
  5. Select option 5 for QMS support

ConfigurePro for CompliantPro – Advanced Product Quality Support

As your business grows, your QMS needs to adapt. ConfigurePro is a low cost way to ensure the ongoing success of your CompliantPro installation by providing access to our business analysts and configuration experts who are able to rapidly analyze and implement solutions to meet your objectives. There are often different approaches for achieving an objective with CompliantPro and ConfigurePro is available to ensure that you choose the best approach.

• Customers who would like our experts to help resolve configuration issues or assist with major changes to the standard configuration.

• Customers who are anticipating the need for extensive configuration advice upon completion of their initial installation, and would like fast access to this support at minimum cost while avoiding the need for additional purchase orders requiring more internal approvals.

• Customers who wish to take advantage of our Business Process Analysis for best use case applications across industries.

• Change or add a workflow ow.

• Add or Modify a document layout.

• Design a checklist or worksheet.

• Develop a SQL query for reporting

• Define appropriate categorization schemes.

• Implement a secure extranet.

• Create new document types.

• Analyze and Clean up an instance for better scalability

• Set up new roles, groups or new organizations with appropriate access privileges

No! Your systems administrator will still need to receive training for routine configuration and administration. Typically, the administrator is a business manager, not someone in IT, and understands business requirements, the capabilities of CompliantPro, and is uniquely positioned to recognize when changes to CompliantPro are warranted and possible. ConfigurePro services are meant to assist the day to-day duties of this trained administrator.

Customer support personnel are trained to assist you should CompliantPro not be operating as expected. They can explain how to use the software in a standard “out of the box” configuration. The extensible nature of CompliantPro can mean that configuration changes you have implemented, though done in a way that is appropriate to your business, may be time consuming to decipher. Customer support is there to help you with troubleshooting and usage questions, but cannot take the place of a trained CompliantPro administrator.

When you require a solution for your CompliantPro system that you need solved quickly then ConfigurePro might be THE solution for you. For more information, contact your account manager or call us at +1 781-862-9002.

Implementation Services

As with any important enterprise initiative, careful planning and implementation help ensure a smooth, successful deployment. We are focused on giving you the benefit of our experience at every phase of software implementation. We partner with each of our customers to ensure that their project has the appropriate internal resources and if they do not that our team of professionals can step in to fill the gap.

Our Implementation Services staff is composed of seasoned professionals with skill and experience in every aspect of compliance systems implementation and management, as well as IT systems. Implementation Specialists are exam-certified Lead Assessors in a variety of key standards, including ISO 9001: 2000. Many have sector-specific experience. We also have bilingual Implementation Specialists.

This expert team can provide a full spectrum of services to ensure a successful implementation, including:

  • On-site evaluation and gap analysis
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Implementation planning, rollout strategies and timelines
  • Multi-site server topology planning
  • Installation and configuration
  • Implementation team-building and facilitation.
  • Document and workflow reviews
  • Auditing and coaching
  • Online consulting

Each implementation engagement is customized to meet your organization’s specific needs and priorities.


Technical Services CompliantPro/QSi

While Siemens products are designed for ease of integration and configuration, specialized situations sometimes require specialized technology solutions. Siemens has the in-depth technical expertise to achieve seamless integration, while meeting customer requirements.

Software Customization

When software modifications are required, Siemens Customization Services is your best resource. No one knows the design and operation of our products better than our own programmers. When customizing your software, we consider both near-term and long-term objectives. We often create options that reduce the size and scope of a customization, accelerating implementation and minimizing the chance of unexpected side effects.

Custom Integration Services

Our technical services team can tackle challenging integration projects, tightly linking our modular products with your organization’s existing systems. We can integrate the IBS QMS software with a variety of system types, including:

  • Databases (e.g. Oracle, DB2, Lotus Notes, SQL Server, ODBC, etc.)
  • ERP systems (e.g. PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, SAP R/3)
  • Email systems (e.g. Exchange/Outlook, etc.)



Sign up for IBS QMS’s TechLink Support Services, and experience the next level in technical support. With TechLink Support Services, IBS QMS experts take an active role in maintaining and updating your company’s QSi System software. You get all the advantages of an enterprise compliance management product, without the technological hurdles of software administration.

TechLink benefits include:

  • Prompt system upgrades and enhancements, ensuring your system stays up-to-date
  • Rapid resolution of product-related issues
  • Direct implementation of product changes
  • No-hassle customizations performed by our software experts
  • Continuous design improvement
  • Less time and money spent on internal training
  • Multi-level data security, ensuring your database design are protected
  • Low operating costs, and easy prediction of total annual cost of ownership
  • Improved record-keeping, since IBS maintains detailed records of all work performed on your system
  • Greater efficiency of processes, with less time spent resolving issues
  • Best-practices administration guidance, on topics such as security, scalability, agent enabling, and multi-site replication
  • Less work for your IT staff and Notes/Domino administrators

When you become a TechLink client, you leverage the expertise of the IBS QMS staff to drive sustainable results. The TechLink team includes experts in IBM Lotus Notes, quality systems best practices, customer support, and software development. They provide the level of technical support that your company requires. You spend less time administering software and more time resolving quality issues and driving continuous improvement.

Technical Hosting

Let our experts host your IBS QMS software, and save your team effort, expenses and time. Technical hosting is a great option for companies of all sizes that have limited IT resources, are tied up with other major software implementations, are in a state of flux because they are moving their facilities, or simply prefer to outsource their IT as a company policy. Whether you are a QSi System or CompliantPro customer, we can host your solution for as long as you choose.

With IBS QMS Technical Hosting, you get all the benefits of our enterprise compliance management products, without the need for any onsite administration. IBS experts handle all installation, support, and upgrades. In addition to hosting the software, we can host related infrastructure requirements, such as relational databases, Web application servers, LDAP directories, mail servers, and all of the necessary software.


Benefits include:

  • The expertise of the IBS QMS Technical Hosting team, with years of experience in systems engineering, quality systems best practices, customer support, software development, and of course, IBS products
  • Continuous system upgrades and enhancements, ensuring your system is always up-to-date
  • Rapid resolution of technical and usage issues
  • Multi-level data security, ensuring your database design and data are protected
  • A lighter workload for your IT and quality teams
  • Reinstallation of the software, including all design and data, at your facilities whenever you should choose.

Put the administration of your compliance system in our expert hands, and put your focus back on your compliance management processes.

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